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3 Major RFID Asset Tracking Benefits in the Supply Chain

In modern times, an end number of companies are investing in the supply chain of business. If you are into the same, you must be familiar with the challenges that emerge in order to manage the overall supply chain. The situation gets worse when you do not have the expertise, technical knowledge, and right training to do the job.

To increase operational efficiency, you need to upgrade your tech infrastructure and ensure that your business meets new supply chain needs. When it comes to supply chain technology or warehouse technology, everyone usually counts on RFID first.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a modern technology used to track and identify tags connected with certain objects in the facility. In the warehouses, where so many products are stored, businessmen track the specific item by using the RFID warehouse management system.

RFID vs. Barcode – Which is Better?

RFID serves two purposes – it takes care of inventory management as well as asset tracking. Through barcode technology, the supply chain businesses only track the inventory while RFID technology allows them to track the movement of their trucks, returnable transit items, forklifts, and other valuable items that come in and out of the warehouse. You cannot scan the barcode of an item unless you know where it is.

RFID Asset Tracking Benefits


Locate Your Item

Let’s start with the basic one. Yes, through a hand-free RFID asset tracking system, you can easily locate all your items in the large warehouse.

Tracking every small item in your warehouse is not that easy as it sounds. Fortunately, RFID technology makes it easier for you to keep track of all your precious items. Even if you cannot see your product in the large warehouse, the RFID inventory management or asset tracking system makes it possible for you to find your item within a short time.


Improve Your Employee Productivity

One of the biggest reasons why businesses are more inclined towards RFID technology is that it does not need physical or manual intervention in the warehouses. The employees do not have to be there to scan each and every barcode and look for the items.

The RFID for inventory or warehouse management looks after the task of tracking the assets. This clearly suggests that the use of RFID technology has been successful in enhancing the overall productivity of the employees.

The RFID retailer or warehouse management system will carry out the mentioned task that is to track assets on their behalf. This means, when you opt for RFID solutions for retailers, you will be able to improve your employee productivity.

Minimize theft risks

With RFID inventory management, retailers and supply chain businesses can quickly gain inventory information and location. No matter where your asset is in the warehouse, you can track it easily. By tracking all the movements of your precious product, RFID systems will help you minimize the risk of theft and loss.

Warehouse employees or retailers will never have to worry that their precious products will be lost when they have an RFID system. With the help of a renowned RFID technology company, you can always keep track of your warehouse items.

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